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Hopeful Minds Overview Hopework Book (Print)

Hopeful Minds Overview Hopework Book (Print)

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This purchase is for a ‘printed copy’ of the Hopeful Minds® Overview Hopework book. It is recommended to purchase this workbook IF you want a separate or additional copy of the workbook for students. 

Please note that this product may take 3 weeks to be shipped. 

Total Pages: 28 pages

The Hopeful Minds® Overview Hopework Book is the student workbook that accompanies the Hopeful Minds Overview Educator Guide. 

The Hopework Book includes colorful worksheets, activities, and visuals that supplement the Hopeful Mind Overview Educator’s Guide.

Thank you for choosing hope. Hope is a skill each and every child needs to learn, as it impacts all areas of their life. By choosing this curriculum, you are taking the first step towards teaching your students critical skills that will have lasting, positive impacts on their futures.


The program is also available for bulk license to be distributed to entire schools, companies, organizations,  communities, or cities. To do so, please e-mail

For more information on the benefits of hope visit: 

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