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Hopeful Mindsets® on the College Campus Coursebook (Digital)

Hopeful Mindsets® on the College Campus Coursebook (Digital)

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This purchase is for a ‘digital copy’ of the Hopeful Mindsets® on the College Campus Deep Dive Coursebook. It is not required to purchase the course that accompanies this workbook, yet we highly recommend it. You don’t need to purchase this digital workbook if you are already enrolled in the Hopeful Mindsets® on the College CAmpus course, as it is included with the purchase of the course.

The Hopeful Mindsets® on the College Campus Deep Dive Coursebook accompanies Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus Deep Dive, a 10-module video program that can be purchased at The digital workbook is included with purchase of the course, yet if you want a hard copy (as we often do!) feel free to order it separately. You don’t need to purchase the course with it, yet we highly recommend it.

Hopeful Mindsets® is based on the work of leading experts on Hope, Mindset, Mental Health, Stress, Positive Psychology, Business, Communications, and more. Using the Five Keys to Shine Hope as a foundation, Hopeful Mindsets® introduces critical hope skills to help anyone move from hopelessness to hope. The curriculum includes 10 online video lessons with combined interviews from hope experts at Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia, strategies from recent college graduates, and an overview of hope science to introduce you to critical hope skills.

The Hopeful Mindsets guided coursebook includes reflections to help you reinforce the skills, lesson quizzes to track progress, and a full campus marketing campaign. The course may be done individually, with a friend or mentor, or can be licensed for the entire campus.

Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus includes interviews with recent college graduates. The graduates discuss their hope journeys, the challenges they faced in college, and how they were ultimately able to use hope skills to overcome them. The testimonies of  those with lived experience are critical to this program, as they offer key insights into how others have coped with challenges similar to those we are facing. 

As we continue on our hope journey, it is always important to remember that we are not alone and to learn from others that have gone before us. Purchase this program for yourself, for a friend going off to campus, or for an entire classroom or University. Licensing opportunities available upon request.


The program is also available for bulk license to be distributed to entire schools, companies, organizations,  communities, or cities. To do so, please e-mail

For more information on the benefits of hope visit: 

Disclaimer: These materials are designed to assist you in learning about hope. They should not be used for medical advice, counseling, or other health-related services. iFred, The Shine Hope Company and Kathryn Goetzke do not endorse or provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The information provided herein should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition and cannot be substituted for the advice of physicians, licensed professionals, or therapists who are familiar with your specific situation. Consult a licensed medical professional, or call 911, if you are in need of immediate assistance.

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